Creating system resilience in power generation and delivery workshop

In this workshop, Dr. Lefsrud and her team drew from research to describe risk management systems, resiliency principles, and how these promote process safety and occupational/public safety. They discussed obvious and non-obvious hidden hazards in electricity generation and distribution, what blinds organizations to these, and how organizations can become better equipped to identify, prevent, and mitigate them. This included using data analytics and AI/machine learning and methods of visualizing failure modes and integrating management systems. To illustrate these principles and tools, they used the February 2021 ice storm in Texas ice to examine what measures would improve system resiliency.


  1. Dr. Lianne M. Lefsrud, PEng – Associate Professor and Director Outreach, Chemical and Materials Engineering.
  2. Dr. Petr Musilek – Professor and Associate Chair (Research and Planning).
  3. Dr. Fereshteh Sattari – Postdoctoral Fellow, Faculty of Engineering – Chemical and Materials Engineering.
  4. Dr. Akhtar Hussein – Postdoctoral Fellow, Faculty of Engineering – Electrical & Computer Engineering Department.
  5. Dr. Hao Liang – Canada Research Chair in Intelligent Energy Systems, Associate Professor, Ph.D, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
  6. Nastaran Gholizadeh – Grad Teaching Assistantship, Faculty of Engineering – Electrical & Computer Engineering Department.

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