Workshop Schedule


7 hours (incl. 45 min lunch, 9:00am-4:00pm))

Case study of Texas Ice Storm
Review of handouts, show videos, analyze case study, discuss findings
09:00 AM
Introduce key concepts: loss types, hazards and hazard identification, risk assessment and evaluation, risk management 09:20 AM
Break09:50 AM
Case study FLRA: system hazards & associated risks
(20 minutes to analyze, 20 minutes to present to group)
10:00 AM
Break10:50 AM
Uncovering hidden hazards
How can hazards be better recognized?
More effectively characterized, evaluated, and managed.
Use tools (15 minutes) and report back (15 minutes)
11:00 AM
Lunch Break12:00 PM
Building resilience in your risk management system Resilience principles (Lianne) – 10 minutes
Power system perspectives on resilience (Akhtar) – 15 minutes
Hybrid systems – gas, wind, etc. (Nastaran) – 20 minutes
Use of data analytics, AI, machine learning – Epcor data (Fereshteh) – 20 minutes
Application of resilience principles to case study (15 minutes) and report back (15 minutes)
12:45 PM
Break02:00 PM
How can we better communicate risks? (10 minutes)
Identifying your stakeholders in the case study (5 minutes)
Sandman’s outrage factors (10 minutes)
Applying outrage to your case study (5 minutes)
Risk communication – amplification and attenuation (10 minutes)
Applying these principles to your case study (10 minutes) and report back (20 minutes)
02:10 PM
How can we better motivate decision-makers to invest in risk management – group discussion (30 minutes) 03:30 PM
Conclusion 04:00 PM